Featured photo for Logan, UT

Logan, UT

I first learned of Logan, Utah when I noticed that it was #4 on Bert Sperling’s list of best emerging cities to live in. However, as I approached the city, I already had deemed it too dry and too yellow, and due to lack of time I only quickly drove through the city center. Here’s what I know about the town plus a few really superficial impressions:

  • Logan is very much a university town, with its Utah State University students numbering ~16,000, or about a third of the city’s total population. The average age of Logan residents is 23.5 years.
  • The Wasatch Mountains nearby to the east are rocky and tower over the city.
  • Downtown Logan has wide streets and older buildings, some of which seem to be in some state of disrepair. It did not come across as anything special but again I only quickly drove through it.
  • Summers are warm (average July high is 88 degrees F) but winters are cold (average January low is 14). Annual precipitation is fairly low at 18 inches, and is evenly spread out throughout the year with each month getting 0.9-2.2 inches. Annual snowfall is 55 inches, with about a foot of snow falling in January on average.
  • Logan is about 67 miles north of Salt Lake City. One would have to go to SLC to fly anywhere.
  • The crime index here is super low, with 0 homicides and only 25 auto thefts in 2002. Amazing.
view from driver's seat while driving down road towards mountains near Logan, Utah.
It was nice to see some trees and mountains near Logan, Utah.