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City of Rocks, ID

Just as I was really tiring of the drab desert scenery and was mentally ready to get the heck out of there, Tori and Chris saved me from the Southern Idaho doldrums by driving over from CA and inviting me to hang out with them for a day at the City of Rocks in Almo. What did we do most of the day? Climb some rocks, of course!

The most memorable climb for me was my first one. I had been lead climbing quite a bit in the gym this year so Tori and Chris offered to let me lead a slabby 200-footer called “Delay of Game” on the west face of Parking Lot Rock. While it was not terribly difficult, what made it a lot more challenging was that I did not bring up enough quickdraws! I think I brought up 8 (or maybe it was 10), and maybe about 50 feet from the top, I realized I was not going to have enough were I to clip into every single bolt. So I kept skipping bolts… I think at one point, I skipped two consecutive bolts. This augmented my heart rate levels a little bit since I knew that if I were to fall, I could be going down quite a ways before the rope caught me…

Fortunately I was able to keep my wits and at the top was the reward of meeting an attractive young woman named Jennie at the top who was something of a beginning rock climber. While I belayed Tori up next I learned that this woman was from Ogden, went to Weber State University, and was here as part of a rock climbing class she signed up for. Unfortunately I never got her number but this put me on a good first note with Ogden, the state of Utah, and their residents.

After this climb we went around the rock and did progressively harder and harder climbs including one where one really had to trust the feet. The last one we did, Tori did it brilliantly without falling, whereas I really struggled. I think this was a 5.10 or 5.10c.

The day ended with us eating at the only restaurant in Almo (population: maybe 20). The food was really good and virtually all of the climbers from the day were eating here. We slept in the log cabin that Tori and Chris had reservations to 100 feet away and had a good night’s sleep.

This was a wonderful way to leave Idaho on a good note after the last sour days of seeing just brown hillsides.

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Chris and Tori had climbed at the City of Rocks already for a couple of days before I arrived.  Here's Chris.
Photo: Tori
Rocks and shadows.
Photo: Tori
A nice sunset over this national reserve.
It required more off-roading for the Alfa (on gravel roads much worse than what this photo shows), but Felix Wong finally arrives.
Felix Wong leading a 200-foot climb called "Delay of Game" on the west face of Parking Lot Rock.
Photo: Tori
Felix Wong scanning the rock above and pondering his next move after clipping a bolt.
Photo: Tori
Upward progress.
Photo: Tori
On the east side of Parking Lot Rock, Chris leads a 5.10a.  He is just past the crux at this point which required delicate foot placement with no handholds.
Chris does on a finger crack section.
A happy Tori belays below.
Tori now goes up the 5.10a.
Tori reaches the top as a puffy white cloud looms overhead.
The rustic log cabin that we stayed in at the Almo Creek Outpost.
The pictures on this sign were funny!
Chris and a peach pie a la mode (i.e., with ice cream) after a scrumptious dinner.
Chris on an old wagon.
Sunset over the City of Rocks after our last evening here.