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Ogden, UT

I hadn’t given any thought about visiting Ogden until I met a climber chick named Jennie at the City of Rocks on top of a rock I had just climbed. She told me how much she liked Ogden, which made me resolve that I’d have to at least drive through the town which had hosted many of the events in the 2002 Winter Olympics. When I arrived in town, I was pleasantly surprised by what I saw.

First off, unlike most of southeastern Idaho, there were trees on the mountains and the land did not look a sickly yellow or brown. In fact, from downtown, the views of these mountains were just awe-inspiring.

Downtown—both clean and colorful—also was very pleasant, with shops with lots of character and an abundance of restaurants. I was here on a Sunday, however, so downtown was very quiet.

Weber State is closer to the hills, where there are also a number of newish, attractive homes with views of the stunning mountains. I was stunned to see that homes of my liking (three bedrooms, two-car garage, nice neighborhood, mountain views) were going for $210,000.

Recreation is also supposed to be very good. Skiing opportunities are definitely world-class, which is why there were several events in the 2002 Winter Olympics that were held here.

I left the city feeling that this was a viable place to live, if I could reconcile myself with the abundance of snow in town during the winter and the reputedly conservative Mormon population (something between 40-60% of the city?) Ogden was one of the great surprises of my Great American Road Trip.

I was surprised to see what a nice place Ogden was.  Felix Wong at the Union Station.
A fountain with downtown and the Wasatch Mountains in the background.
Bicycles downtown in front of a custom motorcycle shop.
There may be bikes in the window, but upstairs is actually a Hot Yoga shop and downstairs is an eatery.
Another view of downtown, which was not very busy on this Saturday.
Many restaurants with character were downtown.
Live comedy downtown.
Park, bulding, and the mountains.
View of downtown through some columns.
The Ogden Conference Center and Egyptian Theater.
The Wasatch Mountains when viewed from downtown towards the northeast.
There were many antique "trading posts" downtown along with live dancing.
Ogden - The world plays here.
There were lots of trees lining all of the sidewalks in Ogden.
Lindquest Field in Ogden.
Union Station.
"Welcome to Ogden -- Home of Weber State University,"
The homes near downtown Ogden tended to be older bungalows and ramblers.
Weber State University is 4 miles southeast of downtown.
Harrison St. just south of WSU is lined with chain stores, but it isn't an eyesore since it is clean, has trees, plus a good view of the mountains looming large nearby to the east.
In this area (closer to the mountains) there were large older (maybe 1970s) homes with well-maintained lawns like this one.
There were also many newer, super large homes like this one.  Housing is amazingly inexpensive here for west coast standards.
Another newer neighborhood.  A neighboring home to these had just over 3000 sq. ft. and was going for just $215,000!
An adjacent newer neighborhood with a nice view of the mountains whenever one drives home.
A hillside home.
More hillside homes in Ogden just 1-2 miles southeast of WSU.