Featured photo for Loveland, CO

Loveland, CO

I spent a few hours and about 30 miles cycling around Loveland and discovered it was… lovely, with lots of lakes, golf courses, mountain and valley views, and a closer proximity to the Rocky Mountains than Fort Collins. Yet, housing costs there are hardly more than those in Fort Collins, which are already a lot less than, say, Boulder or Estes Park. One thing this town of 55,000 people did lack was a downtown like Fort Collins or Boulder, and hence felt a lot more suburban and residential. [Amendment 10/13/05: I seem to be mistaken that there is no downtown area in Loveland. According to this article there not only is one but it draws off of the large colony of local artists.] Photos are here.

Lovely flowers in Loveland.
My trusty Cannondale in front of a lake and golf course, which are seemingly ubiquitous in Loveland.
Many newer tract home developments are popping up with "large homes, small lots, big life".
Both of these homes with valley views were for sale.  The one on the left with 4,563 sq. ft. was listing for $428,000; the one on the right with 2000 sq. ft. for just $268,900!
This almost brand-new home in a prestigious golf course community was listing for $399,500.
Many of the newer developments have roundabouts, which I am a big fan o
Canny and a teepee on US Route 34.