Featured photo for Sedona, AZ

Sedona, AZ

If Flagstaff was something of a disappointment, then Sedona was a great surprise. Its environment—filled with short evergreen trees but dominated by gargantuan red sandstone formations surrounding and looming above the town—is certainly one of the most interesting I have ever seen. I’d even call it beautiful and inspiring!

Certainly, the budding artists and vortex healers here do. And what is a vortex, you might ask. Technically, it is “a mass of fluid with a whirling or circular motion”, and in this context, it refers to the electromagnetic field that supposedly follows the longitudinal curvatures of the Red Rocks of Sedona. Vortex healers believe that this subtle electromagnetic field has some mystical healing effects on the human body and spirit. That is all I can comment on this; I did not have a chance to visit a vortex healer nor do any meditation or other spiritual exercises among the red sandstone, sorry!

Other than visiting vortex healers, Sedona also offers many opportunities for hiking, biking, hot air ballooning, and Jeep touring. I saw one of the Jeep Tour vehicles as I did in Ouray, CO, but what I did not see was a vehicle from the rival Hummer Tours company. Yes, touring in an obnoxious, gas-guzzling war-mongling Humvee or one of its civilian lookalikes for girlymen. (Just kidding about the girlymen part; I just borrowed that term from Arnold who purchased the first civilian Humvee…) Ironically, this company (Hummer Tours) touts itself as “the most environmentally friendly company in Sedona!”

All in all I thought Sedona was a really cool town, as I’m sure its 10,000 residents (median age: 50 years old) do too. Now if housing there wasn’t so gawddang expensive…

Interesting formations of red rock surround the town of Sedona, which as has a lot of pine trees.
Residences hidden in the pine with more red rock looming above.
I think I took this photo driving back north to Sedona.
Sedona had something of a downtown, with strict building codes so that even stores like Safeway and McDonalds (not shown) fit in with the "red rock" theme.