Featured photo for Steamboat Springs, CO

Steamboat Springs, CO

I told a buddy that I’d check out Steamboat Springs—a town set along the Park Range Mountains with approximately 10,000 residents—in Colorado for him. Unfortunately, due to lack of time and a soon-arriving sunset, I had little time to do more than snap a few photos while driving through town with the top down. Here is an excerpt from an email I sent to him a couple of days later:

Quickly went through Steamboat Springs yesterday. The approach to it on the west is all prairieland, but the town itself and the parts east of it are really nice. Will try to send you a few photos sometime this week. Real estate there, however, is definitely expensive. A 2-bedroom condo will run you $450-500k easily, though low-end property is hard to come by. Most real estate I saw advertised there were in the $1-5 million dollar range. It’s also kind of in the middle of nowhere… the closest major towns are Estes Park & Loveland, which are several hours away and require going through the Rocky Mountain National Park at 35 mph…

Estes Park was another super nice place, though. If you were interested in Steamboat Springs, definitely consider Estes Park. Not sure how much real estate goes for (doubt it’s more than Steamboat Springs, however), with in my opinion better views of the mountains, more trees, more services, and closer to major cities.

Note: later I’d find out that Steamboat Springs contains some world-class ski resorts, in contrast to Estes Park which has none.

The approach to Steamboat Springs along US-40 is largely prairie-land until here, just a few miles to town.
There's a lake along the highway within the city limits but just west of downtown.
A shot of downtown.
Another view of downtown, this time with the Park Range Mountains (I think) in the background.