Steamboat Springs, CO

Brad, Eli, Maureen and I were having dinner and drinks at C.B. & Potts as is our custom after Tuesday Night Track, when Brad casually made a suggestion to the rest of us.

“You should come over to Steamboat Springs for the weekend,” he said. He then explained he stays in that picturesque Colorado town every weekend since he has a townhouse over there.

“Really?” we collectively asked. And why not? Neither Eli nor Maureen had been to Steamboat, and it had been seven years since I had. At 160 miles west of Fort Collins it was only a three-hour drive away.

An added bonus was that it could give us a bit of additional altitude training, as Steamboat sits at 6,700 feet. It helps to know people in high places.

So after the Old Town Car Show, Eli, Maureen and I hopped into Maureen’s Civic and drove up the Poudre Canyon, over Cameron Pass, past Walden, and over to Steamboat Springs where we met up with Brad at his sweet townhouse with gorgeous views of the town below. During this weekend we ate pizza, watched movies, went for a 10-mile run, had brunch at the Creekside Café and Grill, and wandered around downtown.

It was a fun weekend getaway. I can certainly see why Brad elects to spend each weekend over in Steamboat even though he has a home in Fort Collins as well.

Snow on Highway 14, Poudre Canyon, near Cameron PassView of Steamboat Springs from Brad's townhouse.Maureen, Eli, Brad's townhouseMaureen, Brad, Eli, Creekside Cafe and GrillMaureen, Eli, Felix Creekside Cafe and GrillMaureen, pink pig, downtown Steamboat SpringsEli on a horse, downtown Steamboat SpringsMaureen on a horse, downtown Steamboat SpringsMaureen on a horse, downtown Steamboat Springs, yeehawFelix Wong, SpongeBob SquarePantsFelix Wong, statues, downtown Steamboat SpringsMaureen, statues, downtown Steamboat SpringsFelix Wong, Benjamin Franklin, red Nokia Lumia 820Eli, downtown Steamboat Springs, Bike Week bannermountains, Bike Week banner, downtown Steamboat SpringsView of Steamboat Springs from dining room of Brad's townhouse.Aspen groves 20 miles west from Steamboat Springs.Snowy mountains in Rocky Mountain Park.Large elk on highway in Rocky Mountain Park.

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