orange cone in front of orange field

Heart Center of the Rockies 10k

“Hopefully, I can keep up with all of the fit Coloradoans out here,” I wrote to a friend before the Heart Center of the Rockies 10k race, a benefit run to help raise money for better handicap ramps at Boyd Lake in Loveland.

I’d was reminded of that thought when, after Mile 2 which I clocked a 7:03 mile split, lots of people were nevertheless passing me! The entire run was interesting, commencing with cloudy skies blanketing the ground and backs of runners with SNOW (fortunately, as I was wearing just a singlet and shorts at the time, I was able to run over to my car for a windbreaker and make it back to the starting line just in time), only to be clear and sunny—just as Fort Collins has been virtually every day since I have been here—by the end of the race.

In addition to the early brisk weather, my right shoulder was tight during the entire race, and the wet ground and corners probably resulted in shorter strides. I felt slightly out of running shape, but slowly getting back to where I was…

These were my splits:
Mile 1: 7:22
Mile 2: 7:03
Mile 3: 7:23
Mile 4-6: 22:36 (7:32/mile average)
Mile 6.2: 1:21 (6:45/mile)

Total time was 45:34 by the official clock, or exactly 1 second slower than my 2nd fastest 10k time to date, and almost 1 minute off of my current PR (personal record). I came in 35th out of 181, or 80th percentile. If some of the half-marathon runners were doing the 10k, my placing would have been even worse! The people out here are amazingly fit!

orange cone in front of orange field
Part of the course of the Heart Center of the Rockies race.