Featured photo for Rist Canyon Drive
Photo: Ryan Peters

Rist Canyon Drive

It was a sunny—though windy—afternoon, so Ryan and I went on an impromptu Sunday drive, al fresco of course, through the backroads of Rist Canyon just west of Fort Collins. The Alfa‘s dual-overhead-cam engine purred rhapsodically as I double-clutched through the precise, long-throw transmission as we watched the evergreen-laden, snow-speckled scenery rush on by along the undulating road. Check out these photos, which right now are pretty sparse, but maybe Ryan will send me some more from her camera.

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Descending down from the top of Rist Canyon, one is greeted by great views of the Rockies in the background of the trees.
Photo: Ryan Peters
Another view of following the same truck down Rist Canyon.
Photo: Ryan Peters
A great road for a sports car!
The red rock of Horsetooth Mountain Park.
More evergreen trees.
Photo: Ryan Peters
It has been over 60 degrees out here, but snow remains on the ground between the evergreen trees in shaded areas.