Featured photo for Palo Alto Concours

Palo Alto Concours

It took me a little while just to find the Palo Alto Concours D’Elegance as it was moved to a different, more hidden location at Stanford since the last year I went to the show (2001). At last, I found it in a field somewhere between the Med School and the Stanford Shopping Center, and the search was well worth it. I was amazed at how large the event has gotten since I went there last, with hundreds of top-quality restorations and originals. This year had a special emphasis on British iron, which of course made me happy. In addition to classic cars there were also several exotic supercars; e.g., the Ferrari Enzo shown here. With good weather and a band playing music in the background, it was a festive atmosphere and a pleasant way to spend a Sunday morning.

Triumph TR4 and TR3.
The Wrightspeed X1 was another electric vehicle.  It looked just like an Ariel Atom, because the X1 (only a prototype) used the Atom's body and chassis.
A real AC Cobra.
Lamborghini Murcielago.
Ferrari Enzo.
Ferrari Challenger Stradone.
The latest Saleen supercar, probably the only car at the show faster than the Enzo!
Jensen Healey and Ferrari Testarossa.  I had almost bought the former in 1995, before I purchased Goldie
A Peel Trident.  The owner's motto: "Almost cheaper than walking!"
The Austin Healey is fairly large for a British sports car, but looks rather small next to a Dodge Charger.
Your tax dollars hard at work: two Porsches for the California Highway Patrol.
There were even John Deeres present.
A Mercedes flexible-fuel car.
Greenemotor.com offered me a free test ride of their $2499 electric scooter (top speed: 30 mph, range: 60 miles/charge).
MGA and MGB.