Featured photo for Forney Museum of Transportation, CO

Forney Museum of Transportation, CO

John T. from Florida flew out “to see some snow,” and since I had to pick him up from the Denver airport, we spent the day in the Mile High City. First on the agenda was visiting the Forney Transportation Museum. This primarily had pre-WWII vehicles, including several marques I had not heard of before (including Kissel and Hupmobile). It also contained a few unusual trains, motorcycles, bicycles, and even a sea- and aircar. Photos are here.

Amelia Earhart's Kissel.  She drove this from Boston to CA.
A Cadillac that Elvis bought and gave to a friend.  The King was well-known for such generosity, especially with Cadillacs.
The Oldsmobile Curved Dash, America's first mass-produced car.
An early Harley and Indian.
Ford's iconic Thunderbird.
A Ner-a-Car.  It was "near(ly) a car" (get it?) and supposedly got 70 mpg.
The Amphicar was a seacar (vehicle that could drive on land and on water) produced from 1961-1968.
An aircar (a car that could fly).  Note that this was purely "experimental"!
An old snowmobile.
Old multi-person bicycles.
The Forney Museum's first car: a yellow Kissel.