Foto del Día

“Hey look,” observed Tori in un supermercado while I was looking for some galletas, “is this elephant going fast, or does it have a gas problem?”

See photo. Qué chistoso, ¿sí? Unfortunately, we didn’t buy the package depicting the elephant, although I think we will go back to the store tomorrow to do so. For research, of course. You see, we can’t seem to agree on whether the animal in the corner of the package who looks seriously repulsed by the elephant’s poofy gas cloud is a rabbit or a dog, nor what is in the elephant’s pack. We did agree the bicycle the elephant is riding is a road bike, however.

Anyhow, we had our first intensive Spanish classes today. I may write more about that later along with other things, but back to my Spanish homework. Tori has already teased me enough for putting that off just to write about the gassy elephant, for example.

"Hey look, a fast bear with a gas problem," observed Tori.

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  • Alyssa says:

    Mi sobrina habla español (mi cuñada es de El Salvador) y ella me enseñé la frase “El pedo huele malo”. Tuvimos muchas risas.


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