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Caldera River, Panama

Voy a nadar en el rio esta tarde con Andrea,” Anna informed Tori and me over lunch. “¿Quieres venir?

It only took me the time to swallow the arroz y frijoles that were in my mouth to jump at this opportunity to go for an impromptu swim in the Caldera River. After all, sunny skies overlooking the verdant mountains that practically enveloped the postcard-perfect town of Boquete were just beckoning us to strip off some clothes and absorb some rays, all while exploring the vigorous river bisecting el pueblo.

Thankfully, Tori was agreeable to coming too, so at 3:45 p.m. Andrea, Anna, and a member of Andrea’s host family swung by our hotel to fetch us. We walked down a country road intermittently lined by charming homes of bold hues of color for about 10 minutes followed by a little minor bushwhacking and boulder-hopping before encountering a little piece of paradise in the midst of the Caldera’s rushing water.

At the moment I lack both the time and words to adequately describe the place or experience, but you can check out these photos. The sheer beauty of el rio—not to mention the feeling of freedom of splashing around in the just-warm-enough water with three laughing young ladies including a sexy Swiss, a sultry Russian, and one of my all-time favorite Californians—made for magical memories. That the Caldera contained such hot occupants on this day was also quite appropriate for a river whose name means “boiler” or “kettle”.

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Making our way to a spot in the Caldera River in Boquete that is good for a little  swimming.
A happy pig.
Boquete is surrounded by lush mountains on almost all sides.  This is the view of one of them.
Anna asking the owner of this house about his lawn.
We had to cross an adjacent creek to get to the river.
Andrea takes a photo with a splendid upstream view of the Caldera in the background.
Here's the downstream view.
Attention goes to one of the bold (reckless?) Panamanians who were diving into this water that was so shallow in some parts that I kept kicking some huge rocks while swimming!
Tori, Andrea, and two of the locals enjoy the water.
Here we all are, with Felix Wong in the middle of the hotties.
On the way back we encountered some pigs.
Anna went for a dive in the water.
Photo: Andrea Rebsamen
Anna grabbing her foot behind her.
Photo: Andrea Rebsamen
Local guy going for a dive. That took guts, I think -- the water was no more than 4 feet deep!
Photo: Andrea Rebsamen