Colorful Colorado

Despite it only raining two or three times in the last month or so, Fort Collins has turned about as green and lush as I’ve ever seen it. It has also been perfect weather for cycling, or actually anything outdoors in short sleeves.

See these photos of the Front Range!

The view from the top of Bingham Hill in Fort Collins.Just west of Bingham Hill.  So green right now.CowsThe Horsetooth Reservoir from the top of Dam Hill.Red Rock just beyond Bingham.

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  • Randy Nelson says:

    Hello Felix,
    I’ve enjoyed reading your recent writeups of rides in Colorado while working in Korea for several months. Thanks. Looking forward to getting back to the Bay area and riding again next month. Your pictures of Horsetooth reservoir bring back good memories of the summer I spent living in a trailer park below the reservoir and the cycling I did in the area. Keep up the great work.

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