Arthur’s Rock, CO

On Sarah’s last day in Fort Collins, we did another hike, this time to Arthur’s Rock in Lory State Park. Once again she attempted to teach me more about birds and plants, and I progressed to the point where every time I’d see a purple flower I’d ask “is that lupine?” and be correct about half of the time. Despite being just 3.4 miles round trip, we agreed it was a quality quad-pumping hike.

Wispy clouds over Lory State Park west of Fort Collins, where Arthur's Rock is located.We have cacti here!Sarah looking at a tiny bird's nest.On the way up to Arthur's Rock.  The top is 1.7 miles from the southern-most trailhead at Lory State Park.Arthur's rock in view ahead.Through a meadow.Lupine.View of the Horsetooth Reservoir and Ponderosa Pine forests below.SarahFelix Wong at the top.Snake!

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