red Sanyo Qwest bar phone

Simplify Your Life, Revisited

Recently I reviewed the “Simplify Your Life” page I wrote in 2002. I was pleased to see that those tips are still mostly relevant to life five years later and that I have indeed been practicing most of them during the last half-decade.

The only tip I had to revise extensively was in regards to a cell phone. Five years ago I ditched mine, but after moving from Fremont and traveling extensively, I got one again. Nowadays my cell phone is my primary (only) phone, and I love that. Cell phone technology has really come a long way since then in regards to dropped calls, battery life and features. Unfortunately I find myself guilty of answering the phone while driving once in a while but I will try to be more conscientious about that.

One thing that I didn’t have to deal with five years ago (having an easy-to-care-for townhome back then) was yard maintenance. If you have some simplification tips here that are also cost effective, please let me know! I am spending way too much time in the yard and garden each week, time I’d rather spend doing other things. Weeding is a big issue (both within and outside of the lawn), something that even setting up weed barriers under new mulch has not mitigated much. Help!

red Sanyo Qwest bar phone
Red Sanyo Qwest bar phone.