Featured photo for Old Town Car Show, Fort Collins

Old Town Car Show, Fort Collins

This morning, Sarah and I met up with Nick, Josh and Ryan at the Taste of Fort Collins. As with last year, very conveniently, a car show of 200 automobiles was being held just two blocks away!

Despite having lost some of my passion for older, polluting, gas-guzzling and dollar-sucking vintage cars over the years, I still have an appreciation for the artistry and hard work that goes into making a sweet ride.

Sarah and I picked out favorites, though I already forgot what hers was. Mine was—perhaps predictably to anyone who knows my affection for open sports cars—a genuine AC Cobra painted in merlot. In any case, the quality of cars gracing Old Town Fort Collins was outstanding.

Vintage Auburn convertible.
A drag racing car replete with a rocket engine.
A 1970s Ford-powered Pantera.
Ford hot rod with flames.
An Airstream trailer outside of the New Belgium Brewing Company.
Sarah inside the Airstream.
Caterham 7.
Nice hot rod.
Another nice hot rod.
My favorite car of the show, a genuine AC/Shelby Cobra in merlot.
A yellow pickup truck -- a Dodge, I think.
Ferrari GTO.
Hot rod and trailer.
Ducati 996.
A Ford pickup truck for the Colorado Agricultural College.