Featured photo for Old Town Car Show, Fort Collins

Old Town Car Show, Fort Collins

What an eventful weekend for Fort Collins! First there was a big Corvette Car Show just a few miles from Old Town, and then there was the Taste of Fort Collins just two blocks from Old Town. Concurrently, there was the Old Town Car Show—which could be almost considered competition for the Taste of Fort Collins, since it occurred right by all of the downtown restaurants, and also had live music. I attended both (when they are just two blocks apart, it would be silly not to), but actually enjoyed the Old Town Car Show more since 1) there were cars and 2) it was free! Maybe about 200 cars of all vintages (mostly classics) were present.

A Caterham 7.
And the 2006 model they inspired almost 4 decades later.
Little Beetles towed by a VW Vanagon.
The bright pastel colors seem to only work well with 50s American cars, like this one.
This one too.
A couple of hot rods.
Another Sting Ray Corvette made it out to the show!
This was not a faithful replica of the AC Cobra, considering that it featured a computer monitor for all of the data feedback inside of the cockpit.
A race car from the Denver Gran Prix, I think.
A AC Cobra replica.
I was checking out an old 'Stang when this Ferrari drove on by.
A nicely restored Camaro convertible from the late 60s.
A Stingray.  I guess this one did not make it to the Northern Colorado Corvette car show going simultaneously a few miles away.
Nice hot rod based off of a Ford Tudor.
Another Cobra.
Two fastback 'Stangs from the late 60s...
Just 2 blocks away from the Taste of Fort Collins was the Old Town Car Show going on simultaneously, with about 200 cars!  And this Triumph Tiger 650--just in front of La Luz, my favorite restaurant for fish tacos.