Featured photo for Yoho National Park, BC

Yoho National Park, BC

The original idea was to stay at Abbott Pass Hut at 10,400′—the highest inhabitable structure in all of Canada—for a couple of nights while in Yoho National Park. Our plans quickly changed upon talking with a couple of locals who warned us otherwise.

Apparently, due to the last few days receiving a bunch of snow, lugged shoes, ice axes, and helmets were advisable to safely ascend to the hut. Having none of these on hand, we completely shelved the idea for safety’s sake. Instead, we managed to secure (with lots of luck) the last two spots in the nearby Elizabeth Parker Hut for that night, and got in about 10 miles of oft-steep hiking on Monday and Tuesday.

With the turquoise lakes, dense forests, jagged mountain tops, and panoramic views, ultimately Lisa and I agreed that this was the most beautiful place either of us had gone hiking at! My words can’t do the place justice but photos such as the above can approximate.

Yoho was definitely the highlight of our roadtrip.

The teepee up close.
Lisa high-stepping.
At the top of the trail, at 2,530 meters (8,300 feet) in elevation.
The view from the southeast of Lake O'Hara.
Following Lisa through a rocky section.
We stayed in the Elizabeth Parker Hut for the night, in which we were extremely lucky to get the last two reservations earlier in the morning.  (Usually reservations need to be made months in advance.)
There were 20 of us inside the cabin.
Lisa having a bowl of fetuccini and ham -- a pretty posh meal for camping!
The hikes we did (green route on Monday; yellow route on Tuesday).
It was very roomy and comfy inside the teepee.
Felix Wong and Lisa about to commence their hike around several alpine lakes in Yoho National Park.
The water in Lake O'Hara was super clear.
A glove points the way to the Huber Ledges/Wiwaxy Peaks trail.
The view of Lake O'Hara through towering trees.
This is generally how steep the Wiwaxy Peaks trail was.
Lake O'Hara was wonderfully turquoise.
Trail markings such as this one kept us on course.
Near Golden, British Columbia (about 1.3 hours from Yoho), we stayed in a teepee for the night!