Featured photo for Bobcat Ridge, CO

Bobcat Ridge, CO

Monday was a warm, gorgeous day in Fort Collins, and scores of motorcyclists, bikers, runners, and equestrians took to the streets and trails. I was no exception, spending almost three hours mountain biking at Bobcat Ridge Natural Area, a new nature preserve opened by the City of Fort Collins but is actually located west of it in Masonville.

Two of the trails I went on (Powerline Road and the Ginny Trail) were rocky, technical and steep, but were fun nevertheless. You can read my story about it in this Fort Collins Now article.

Cranky looking towards a red sandstone hogback in the distance.
The view towards Fort Collins in the distance from near the top of the Ginny Trail.
Now on a bridge on the Valley Loop Trail.
Old farm equipment near the cabin (next photo).
A log cabin from the late 1800s that will be restored next year.
There were quite a few equestrians here!
Going up Powerline Road.  It was steep and I actually had to dismount and walk a lot.
Now at the top of Powerline Road.  This is what I had just come up.
The view of the mountains through a meadow.
The Ginny Trail was very rocky and technical!  Again I had to dismount a lot.
Bobcat Ridge is a new reserve opened by the City of Fort Collins.  It is actually in Masonville, CO.