Featured photo for Bobcat Ridge Article

Bobcat Ridge Article

As mentioned in a previous post, Fort Collins Now was having me write about Bobcat Ridge, which gave me a good reason to go mountain biking there. Here is the article (PDF, 761 KB). Also, here are some photos.

Update Dec. 4, 2007 (Tue): The article is now online at Fort Collins Now’s website.

Cranky looking towards a red sandstone hogback in the distance.
The view towards Fort Collins in the distance from near the top of the Ginny Trail.
Now on a bridge on the Valley Loop Trail.
Old farm equipment near the cabin (next photo).
A log cabin from the late 1800s that will be restored next year.
There were quite a few equestrians here!
Going up Powerline Road.  It was steep and I actually had to dismount and walk a lot.
Now at the top of Powerline Road.  This is what I had just come up.
The view of the mountains through a meadow.
The Ginny Trail was very rocky and technical!  Again I had to dismount a lot.
Bobcat Ridge is a new reserve opened by the City of Fort Collins.  It is actually in Masonville, CO.