Bikram & Bicycles

Here is the photo of the day. Actually, I took the photo on Tuesday, which was a very fun day. Some notes:

  1. It snowed! (just the 3rd time this season) Very pretty out here!
  2. I went to a Bikram yoga studio in Old Town. This will be the next story for my Fort Collins Now column. Neat doing yoga with people in sports bras and no shirts while snow was blowing around outside.
  3. Even though it snowed, people still were biking.
  4. I thought about biking, but I ended up running to Bikram and back instead (about five miles each way).
  5. Now I feel silly for not daring to ride my bike, when apparently some person commuted on the pictured high-rise bicycle in these conditions!
A tall bicycle outside of Bikram Yoga in Fort Collins.

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