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Hamilton, ON

I went to Hamilton, Ontario to check out where my parents attended university and lived shortly after getting married, and also to visit a couple friends of my mom, including Mabel (who was her high school teacher in Hong Kong) and her son McKenzie.

Mabel and McKenzie generously let me stay overnight at their home. From there I snuck out early in the morning to run in the nearby Sulphur Springs 100, my first 100-mile ultra run.

I also got to meet her son, Dr. McKenzie Wang.  McKenzie showed me around Hamilton and McMaster University, where he is a mathematics professor.
Moulton Hall, the dormitory where my mom spent her first semester for undergraduate study in Psychology.  She was given a whole private suite with its own bathroom.
One of the original buildings at McMaster.
The new engineering building at McMaster.
The McMaster University campus was very nice -- very green and tranquil.
Felix, Mabel, and McKenzie.
My mom and dad lived in this apartment shortly after they got married. (140 S Locke St., Apt. #1)
Locke St. is Hamilton's traditional downtown area.  There is even a Starbucks just a few doors away from my mom and dad's old apartment.
My dad purchased this home before attending medical school at McMaster, converting it into a three-level triplex.  My parents sold it before moving to the States.
The house was very nice, and so was the street with lots of trees and nice landscapes.
The med center at McMaster that my dad studied in.
This is the McMaster Library of Health Sciences, where my mom worked in.
Inside the Library of Health Sciences.
In Hamilton, I went to visit some of my mom's friends including Mabel, who was my mom's high school teacher in Hong Kong.