Point3 Language School, Montreal

Here are some photos from my intensive French class at the Point3 Language School in Old Montreal. My French still has a ways to go, but it has definitely improved after the 50 hours of classes or so.

I will to expand this post later at a later date when I have time (probably July!)

One afternoon, a bunch of us rented bicycles for a leisurely ride on the Canal de Lachine bike trail after school. (May 7, 2008)Anna makes her move in French Scrabble as Jurian looks on. (May 14, 2008)Jurian makes a move as Danny looks on. (May 14, 2008)A bunch of us in front of the school before heading off for a book finding activity Le Plateau area of Montreal. (May 15, 2008)Our group at the Mont-Royal metro station, showing off their book finds.My French grammar class: Anna, Mariana, professeur Roula, Felix, and Eric.During the last French conversation class I had, we interacted with the advanced French students.All my teachers were great, including Roula (shown)!

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