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Family Stuff

One of the more interesting things about coming out to southeastern Canada this month was getting to see significant locations of my father’s youth. My dad immigrated to Canada when he was 13 and grew up in Montreal. So when I was there, I visited the schools he attended along with the location where my Great Grandfather had a laundry shop.

Then, in Toronto, Ontario, I had dinner with relatives on my mom’s side of the family that I haven’t seen in almost 23 years (when I was 9 or 10.) It was great to see them all after all this time.

A few days later immediately after the Sulphur Springs 100, I visited the family of Stephen, Linda, and Alex Wong. Stephen and Linda knew my parents from McMaster University, and I had met them (and Alex) in Toronto back in 1985 when I was 10 years old. They remembered me since I gave them quite a scare back then by wandering off and getting lost in Wonderland.

Happily, this time I did not frighten them in any way and we had a wonderful dinner with Linda’s sister Michelle, brother-in-law Paul, their mother, and Alex’s girlfriend Thao. Stephen and I also went to the Scarborough Bluffs to feed the birds and to have dim sum at a restaurant in Scarborough.

It was a joyous and interesting occasion to see everyone after all these years. Thanks to all of them for their hospitality, too!

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Tilden, Felix, Hans, Danny, Samantha, Auntie, and Moira.  Amazing how people still look the same after 23 years!
Photo: Moira
I also visited some family friends in Scarborough, including Paul, Michelle, Thao, Alex, and the grandmother. We had a nice barbecue feast.
Photo: Stephen Wong
Stephen, Felix, Linda, and Alex.  It may have been 23 years since I last saw them, but they all remembered how I was naughty and got lost at Wonderland, Toronto back then.
The next day, Stephen and I went to the Scarborough Bluffs to feed the birds.
Stephen says hello to a Canadian goose.
Felix Wong tossing bread to the high flyers.
Photo: Stephen Wong
Felix Wong in front of Lake Ontario.
Photo: Stephen Wong
Stephen and I also had dim sum in Scarborough... yum.
Some of the food we ate included chinese sausage over rice and sesame dumplings.
Felix Wong with cousins Tilden and Hans at Dragon Boat Fusion Cuisine in Richmond Hill, Ontario.
Photo: Moira Chan