I’m Not Home, But…

As of this moment, I am in the Toronto, Ontario area in Canada at a cousin’s place and plopped in front of a 60″ TV.

The last three CNN headlines:

  • John McCain was in Stockton, CA (where I grew up) rejecting some conservative pastor’s comments.
  • A huge tornado touched down in Windsor, CO prompting a state of emergency. Man, that is only 15-20 miles southeast of where I live in Fort Collins! Hope the damage in Windsor wasn’t too bad and that not many people were hurt (I heard at least one person died).
  • Wildfires in the Santa Cruz mountains, where I used to spend a lot of time many years ago. Hope my friends living up there are okay.

Funny how no matter how far from home I go, home always seems to come back to me.

Felix Wong with cousins Tilden and Hans at Dragon Boat Fusion Cuisine in Richmond Hill, Ontario. Photo: Moira Chan.
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