Featured photo for Quebec City, QC

Quebec City, QC

Quebec City was definitely a surprise, and ultimately I regretted only being able to spend 1.5 days there. I sort of expected to be a lot like Montreal but in fact it was very different! It had more classic, historical buildings and architecture (in fact, 2008 was the 400 year anniversary of the city), and was much cleaner. Even people’s accents were slightly different. Here are some photos.

beige brick building, narrow street, Quebec City
stair steps by St. Lawrence River in Quebec City
The Saint Lawrence River.
brick building with Quebec Libre painted in blue letters by wooden pathway
brown horse pulling white and red carriage down street in Quebec City
Plaza with trees and tall buildings in Quebec City.
Sidewalk paved with rectangular pavers along storefronts in Quebec City.
a cloth depicting Garfield the cat hung up on a green hanger in a storefront window in Quebec City
valet parking sign, person walking on sidewalk, red and black car in front of brick archway and green tower
Entrecote Saint-Jean restaurant in Quebec City with people walking on sidewalk underneath many flags
people marching down the street carrying a few flags walking by a red Mini Cooper with white stripes, red Pontiac Vibe
A church undergoing repair or reconstruction in Quebec City.
A cannon in Quebec City.
White art sculpture of three sitting humans in Quebec City.
A lone white sailboat on the Saint Lawrence River.
view of the Saint Lawrence River as viewed from a treed hillside
Nice flower garden in Quebec City.