Featured photo for Tour Divide

Tour Divide

It’s time. I’m leaving to catch a Greyhound bus for Banff in 30 minutes, so this will likely be the last post until July 10th or so—when I hope to finish the 2,700-mile mountain bike race from Banff, Canada to Mexico border at Antelope Wells, NM.

The race actually starts at noon on Friday, June 13th. I will be wearing a tracking device courtesy of SPOT, so you can track my progress (in real time, I think) here:


Furthermore, I will be calling race headquarters every couple days or so to check in and leave a message on my status. The actual voice recordings and transcriptions will be here:


When I return, I will post photos and a write-up on the race.

Until then, bon courage!

screenshot of 2008 Tour Divide leaderboard, with Felix Wong's location shown near Missoula, Montana.
My position in the leaderboard near Missoula, Montana during the 2008 Tour Divide.