Featured photo for New West Fest

New West Fest

A writer at Fort Collins Now once observed that Fort Collins seems addicted to downtown parties. There seems to be some sort of festival here every week, particularly in the summer in the downtown area. It is sad, then, that the annual New West Fest would be the first festival I’d get to go to virtually all year. That’s what happens when one seems to be traveling all the time—he misses all the good stuff at home.

There was lots of music, food, and fun here. I particularly enjoyed perusing the various exhibits and eating a mouth-watering vegetarian gyro from a Greek booth. There were even a few interesting vehicles on hand—not bad for what was supposed to be primarily a music festival, with numerous stages scattered around Old Town.

Here are some photos.

As many music stages as there were, there were more booths.  Here's one selling Greek Food.
Tori and some yummy Greek food.
At New West Fest was this cute Smart ForTwo from the Grant Family Farms CSA (Community Supported Agriculture).
A good-looking Taiwanese-made scooter distributed by Genuine Scooters of Chicago, IL called the Buddy.
One of the many music stages at New West Fest.
The sculpture that was finished in Old Town last year, dubbed "Transcend" (inspired by Odysseus).
Colorado makes me happy.
We stopped by a pet shop where Tori promptly found this cat wearing a funny hat.
People from all over came to New West Fest, an annual music festival in Fort Collins.