Featured photo for FC St. Patrick’s Day Parade

FC St. Patrick’s Day Parade

After the Sharin’ o’ the Green 5k, some friends and I walked over to College Ave. to watch the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Well, at least that was the intent for most of us. At the last second, Scott actually jumped in the parade after he spotted one participating group riding bicycles. As he too was riding a bike, naturally he figured he’d fit right in. Never mind that he was the only one of them wearing a kilt.

Here are some photos!

The Fort Collins Dog Network.
The local Jaycees.
"Yes we will be green: energy, houses, economy."
This was supposed to be a piggy bank, but one of my friends thought it was a septic tank.
Here is Scott with bike and dog.  Moments later, he disappeared to go ride in the parade!