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Photo: Raquel Engel

Cahuita, Costa Rica

After the easterly 205-mile drive from Dominical on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, we made it to Cahuita. It turned out that being on the east coast was well worth the eight-hour journey—well, except for maybe the fat mosquitoes that feasted on my veins while I lay in bed listening to the splashing waves of the Caribbean.

Here’s a report from Tori:

Felix was the only one that got bitten. And it is still a mystery how they got him under the mosquito netting. Raquel and I were left unharmed.

The east side was awesome. It was much more local feeling with a Caribbean flavor. Cahuita is a tiny little town. We did a nice hike in the National Park one day which was beautiful and lush and along the coast for parts. Although we didn’t see too many animals on the hike, we saw several at breakfast at our hotel: a group of monkeys came to visit, a little lizard came to snack on our jam, and the local parrot took our 4th seat at the table and chatted with us.

The next (and last day) we went to the Sloth place and Jaguar Rescue; both were awesome. I personally liked the Jaguar place more since it had a variety of animals and we got to play with a group of baby howler monkeys.

Before we left town we had our last good meal in Costa Rica at a great on-the-beach place. As an appetizer we got a sushi/ceviche thing [carpaccio] like the one the chef at the house made us. It was super tasty! After the fact we learned it was shark.

In short, it was what I expected/wanted and more. I wish we had a couple more days there.

I concur with Tori and could have easily enjoyed spending a couple more days there too. By that time I probably would have figured out how to keep those vampire insects out of my sleeping space.

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Dinner with Raquel and Tori at the Kelly Creek Restaurant in Cahuita, Costa Rica.
A beach volleyball setup?
Tori and Raquel taking a stroll on the beach.
Just monkeying around.
Photo: Raquel Engel
Raquel and Tori on the beach.
Raquel with a coconut.
Palm tree by the Caribbean.
A boat dubbed Terremoto at Punta Cahuita.
A hermit crab.
The moon the day after the Supermoon (the largest full moon in 18 years) was still full and bright.
A howler monkey near a termite nest.
The fruit that the howler monkeys liked to eat.
The howler monkey and some tourists.
A sloth with its baby in the trees way above.  We only spotted it because other tourists were taking photos.
A bicycle in Cahuita.
Raquel, Felix Wong and Tori at an outdoor Caribbean restaurant in town after a four-hour hike through the Cahuita National Park.
Sleeping dogs.
No parking allowed.
Tori and Raquel under mosquito netting back at the Kelly Creek Hotel in Cahuita.
A Cannondale mountain bike at the entrance to Cahuita National Park.
"Inicio de sendero": Beginning of the trail.
A beach.
Colorful flowers growing out of a log.
"La naturaleza no sabe que hacer con la basura usted si": Nature does not know what to do with your trash.
A pond in Cahuita National Park.
Driving 330 km (205 miles) from Dominical on the Pacific coast to Cahuita on the Caribbean coast took 8 hours, but was worth it.
Photo: Raquel Engel