Felix, Brad (behind), Raquel and Rick at zip-lining.
Photo: Tori

Costa Rica

After visiting a few other Central American countries, Costa Rica was a surprise. Clean, lush and safe, the country has a motto uttered by locals in response to any question concerning “how are you”: “pura vida“. No wonder millions of vacationers from around the world each year flock to the land of “pure life.”

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More Costa Rica Photos

We returned from vacation in Costa Rica a month ago, but photos are still coming in....

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Jaguar Rescue Center

"Sí," I replied to a friend who was wondering if we intended to see any sloths...

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Sloth Sanctuary

You can thank Tori, Facebook, and Heidi the cross-eyed opossum for this post. Yes, somehow an e-mail...

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Breakfast for Six

Were it not for the mosquitoes, there were many reasons I should have gotten an excellent...

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Cahuita, Costa Rica

After the easterly 205-mile drive from Dominical on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, we made...

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A Drive Through Costa Rica

You might have guessed that after a couple of near put-me-in-the-hospital road incidents a few months...

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Food in Costa Rica

Half of the days we were in Costa Rica, chefs (generously brought in by Karie) came...

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Hope for the Middle East?

Considering the revolutions, coups and civil wars of the 20th century---e.g., Russia, Cuba, Iran---it's hard for...