Featured photo for Colorado Springs Getaway

Colorado Springs Getaway

“I really need to get away,” said Leah upon proposing a 2.5-day camping trip to the Colorado Springs area this Memorial Day Weekend.

So Leah, Faith and I hopped in the car and did a little weekend vacation—almost something of a “staycation” since the Springs is just a two-hour drive south of Fort Collins—and visited a bunch of sites. Happily, our friend Tia (who currently lives down there) was able to join us on one of those days.

Since I have too much work to do there won’t be a full write-up for this little trip, but below are links to photos I quickly uploaded of the places we visited.

"Gorgeous Girls Galore" peep machine (only 25 cents) at the Ghost Town Museum.
Panning for gold at the Ghost Town Museum.
Whoop Ass Hot Sauce sold at the Ghost Town Museum.
A 1903 Cadillac (one of the first ones) with a one-cylinder engine.
Leah and Faith with a functional player piano at the Ghost Town Museum.
Mock up of a prisoner of the Wild West at the Ghost Town Museum.
An old electronic rifle shooting game at the Ghost Town Museum.
Collection of typewriters.
A dentist drill, and the prices for haircuts, shaves, etc. a long time ago.
A mock pharmacy at the Ghost Town Museum.
"Please do not expectorate [spit] on the floor."
A 1907 Sears Motorgo.