Featured photo for Fort Collins Custom and Classic Bicycle Show

Fort Collins Custom and Classic Bicycle Show

One of the nice perks of the Tour de Farms was that one of participants was handing out complimentary entry passes to the Fort Collins Classic and Custom Bike Show at the Mulberry Community Gardens. I was going to head over there after the urban farm tour anyhow, so it was nice that I could now get in for free.

This being the first year of the event, there weren’t a whole lot of spectators or bicycles. For the latter, I counted eight—nine if you include the wild tricycle cruiser displayed on the sidewalk used to draw people into the show. That there were less bicycles than the amount of fingers most humans have meant that I was able to take photos of all of them to post in the associated photo gallery.

All bicycles looked to be in original condition, with none of them restored to an as-new shine. Ultimately, then, the bicycle I voted as “best of show” was a cruiser that I thought had the best restoration potential.

I asked if the show will happen again next year and the response was, “I hope so!” If so, I’d like to enter my 1984 Gitane Criterium. Or since customs are accepted, maybe even the Reynolds Wishbone recumbent. I’d have to clean both of them up, though. Well, I have a whole year to do so.

Enjoy the pics.

A 1957 Western Flyer Sports Roadster (by Norman Cycles of England) that was purchased new from Western Auto in Lander, Wyoming by its current owner in 1958. There was no info on the turquoise step-through bike.
A 1958 Schwinn Tiger with rare aluminum 3-speed hub, and a 1960s Western Flyer Tandem sold by Western Auto with an unoriginal "tank" from a Western Flyer Sonic Flyer.
A 1937 Shapleigh built by Columbia Bicycles.  One of the earliest balloon tire bicycles.
A folding bicycle.
This 1950s Firestone Super Cruiser got my vote for "nicest bike" due to its restoration potential.
A nice Micargi Rover that is probably of recent vintage since its "artwork" were actually decals and the bike looked new.  At least it is still sold today.
The welcome trike for the 1st Annual Fort Collins Custom and Classic Bicycle Show.  If it was in the running for nicest bike, I would have voted for it.