Featured photo for One Town, One Saturday, Six Festivals

One Town, One Saturday, Six Festivals

I thought Labor Day weekend was eventful. That featured the Tour de Fat—the most iconic festival for the Fort, bar none—along with a gorgeous wedding for my friends Dave and Shantel, just a block or two away from the Tour de Fat, no less. But even that weekend couldn’t compare to the sheer number of activities in this Front Range paradise during last Saturday alone. We had at least SIX different festivals!

These included:

  1. Fort Collins Peach Festival
  2. Old Town Car Show
  3. Some sort of local food and music festival at Whole Foods until 3:00 p.m.
  4. Brazil Fest (just a block away from the Old Town Car Show)
  5. Chile Fest
  6. So Pro Music Fest at El Monte Grill & lounge

I only made it out to Festivals (1), (2), and (6), but they were very high quality. I already posted about the FC Peach Festival and Old Town Car Show, so I’ll just add a note about the So Pro Music Fest here.

I almost didn’t go. My friends Charis, Dave and Raquel couldn’t come especially with such last-minute notice I gave them, but as El Monte was en route to my house from Dave’s place (whom I was visiting) I figured I might as well stop by for a look-see. Then when I got there I thought maybe I’d hang around for five minutes, but hesitated at that when I realized there was an admission charge (which would make staying a few minutes seem wasteful).

But I was here and a bicycle show was advertised as part of the music festival, which gave me additional motivation. So I slid off my motorcycle seat and wandered over to the entry line. While I was in line a woman in front of me asked, “Do you have a pass?” and when she realized I was confused about her question, she slipped into my hands a pass for free entry into the event. So generous of her.

I then proceeded directly over to the bikes (even though nobody else was there), and had just started taking photos when I heard my name. It was Kelly and her friend Mitch. I first met Kelly through Leah and by means of other coincidences almost as improbable as this chance encounter, and it was good to see her here. She is a super cool chick.

We hung out, enjoyed the excellent rock-with-a-twang music by Patti Fiasco, and had an utter blast. By the end of the night I was exceedingly glad I came.

What a day! Photos of the bikes from the So Pro Music Fest are in the gallery below.

Cruiser bikes.
A fish bike.
A jet bike!
Tandem double deckers.