Featured photo for Sarah’s Visit

Sarah’s Visit

Amazingly, it’s been over four years since Sarah came to visit me in Colorado. Back then in June 2007 I thought Sarah had picked a near-perfect month to come on out and play because of the weather and numerous festivals, but September 2011 was probably a more calendar-packed month with even better temperatures. “September,” I even said to Sarah not long after her 2.5-hour flight from San Francisco touched down, “is now my favorite month of the year.”

Sarah’s visit just added to the multitude of wonderful memories from the ninth month of 2011. She was only here for three days, but this is what we got to do:

  • Go for a morning three-mile run with my neighbor (and one of my best buds) Tim on neighborhood trails and dirt-packed roads.
  • Have lunch with wonderful service and food at Tasty Harmony.
  • Visit the Poudre River Arts Center which had free exhibits featuring art made from recycled goods; food; and “The Queer Life.”
  • Hike up to Arthur’s Rock in Lory State Park with Dave and Shantel.
  • Eat Ethiopian food at Nyala.
  • Savor gelato at Gelazzi and listen to karaoke.
  • Go for a hike on the Grey Rock Trail in the Poudre Canyon.
  • Bike over to the Sustainable Living Fair and hang out with Raquel.
  • Eat tapas for dinner while listening to jazz at Ace Gillett’s, again with Raquel.
  • Bike 72 miles in Scott & Celeste’s Noodles Ride, having lunch at Noodles in Fort Collins six miles from my house.
  • Pull weeds in my garden (thanks, Sarah!)

Phew! Just typing all that almost makes me tired. I’ll post separate write-ups and photos for the Sustainable Living Fair and the Noodles Ride.

It was a really fun, eventful weekend. Hopefully, Sarah will come back for more fun much sooner than another four years.

Tim and Sarah going for a run through my neighborhood.
Downed trees in the Poudre Canyon on our hike towards Grey Rock.
Sarah helped pull some weeds from my garden before she went back to California.
Some vegetables that were ripe: delicata squash, cherry tomatoes and a jalape
This alpaca farm is only about 0.8 miles from my house.
Sarah and the alpacas.
Going on a hike to Arthur's Rock with Sarah, Dave and Shantel.
Sarah checks out some logs that had beetle kill.
The Horsetooth Reservoir down below from the vantage point of Arthur's Rock.
Dave coming down the trail from Arthur's Rock.
The trail going through a golden field of waist-high weeds.
Sarah taking a photo of purple flowers on our hike towards Grey Rock.
My neighbors Tim and Dee with Sarah.