Featured photo for Sustainable Living Fair

Sustainable Living Fair

“Haha, you’re lopsided,” I said after seeing Raquel’s results from a free posture screening at the 2011 Sustainable Living Fair in Fort Collins. I probably shouldn’t have been laughing, however—I few moments later, I learned that I was quite lopsided too.

This was just one of the things we did at the fair. Sarah (visiting from California) and I rode bicycles over to the event location at Legacy Park and arrived a bit earlier than Raquel, so we ate lunch (including two orders of Ras-Ka Ethiopian cuisine for Sarah who despite her slenderness has always had a good appetite), helped plant a Cottonwood, and visit booths related to eco-friendly living. After Raquel arrived, we also listened to a little bit of live music while drinking locally micro-brewed beer.

Here’s a video I put together of the event. Next year I’d love to go to some of the workshops, browse the exhibits more thoroughly, and recheck my posture.

Kids really enjoyed these silver bouncy things.
Love the bus!
Raquel walking by a Chevy Volt.
Accordign to this page, people who grew up on processed, grain-heavy food often have longer faces and bad teeth, while those raised on wholesome, organic food have rounder faces with straight teeth.
Sarah and Raquel petting the alpacas.
Raquel tries on a lovely hat.
The wormbulance.
"Visualize global worming."
Sarah helped out with the planting of a cottownwood tree at Legacy Park.
Raquel lines up for a free posture screening.
Raquel getting her balance checked.
A cube of crushed aluminum cans.
A Panda bamboo bicycle made in Fort Collins.
A portable planter made from tractor tires hidden within.
Kids playing a giant game of checkers.