Featured photo for Petrified Forest, AZ

Petrified Forest, AZ

On the way back from the epic Furnace Creek 508, we stayed a night in Flagstaff, Arizona. But we didn’t come here for its trendy downtown; the Select Comfort beds, wine and piano at the Radisson; or even the excellent dinner at Mountain Oasis. No, this was to be our launching point for our Route 66 driving tour through Petrified Forest National Park, a valley that used to be populated with thousands of trees 225,000 years ago. Now its remaining wood is only of the fossilized type.

In addition to the little driving tour, we did some hiking which helped loosen up my bicycle-busted quads, shot photos with teepees and dinosaurs, and admired dino dung and agate slices inside memorabilia shops. Enjoy the pictures in the photo gallery.

Various sings in one of the shops in the Petrified Forest.
Petrified wood.
Our Asiatic Wildcat mascot in the Petrified Forest.
Raquel and a great view.
A giant turtle among petrified wood.
Felix Wong and Raquel in the Petrified Forest.
More petrified wood.
Tori in front of a great view.
Route 66 goes through the Petrified Forest, so it is no wonder that the poster I have in my garage now looks familiar.
Having breakfast at Cafe Pickles in Flagstaff before heading to the Petrified Forest.
An antique car.
Raquel and Tori walking towards a shop in the Petrified Forest.
More dinosaurs.
Felix Wong inside a teepee.
Raquel in the teepee.
Approaching some sediment formations in the Petrified Forest.  Hard to imagine this was a forest at one point.
This shot of the Petrified Forest reminded me of the Bandlands of South Dakota.
Petrified wood.
Dino dung.