Featured photo for Santa Fe, NM

Santa Fe, NM

On our sight-seeing road trip back from the Furnace Creek 508 in California to our hometown of Fort Collins, Colorado, Flagstaff, Arizona and the Petrified Forest was potentially a hard act to follow. But adobe-filled Santa Fe, New Mexico did not disappoint.

First we had dinner at an excellent Mexican Restaurant called Jalapeno’s, with authentically spicy homemade salsa and a friendly waitress who—having pedaled from Albuquerque to Santa Fe before—had an appreciation for cycling. The next morning we had brunch at a creperie that also doubled as a French bakery, and took a stroll through historic downtown along its cobblestoned sidewalks by trendy shops and art museums.

The associated photo gallery has some pictures of downtown. We couldn’t stay here too long but we all agreed that Santa Fe makes a good potential weekend vacation for Fort Collinsers, being just under 500 miles—or a seven-to-eight hour drive—from home.

Old church.
Tori enjoying her breakfast at the creperie.
Raquel instant messaging me.  Tori wanted to have nothing to do with the photo, apparently.
Interesting statue wearing a bra.
Walking through the historic downtown area of Santa Fe.
Doggie stuff.
At Luna Felix.
The creperie we had breakfast at.
Our delicious breakfast at the creperie.
Driving towards Santa Fe and a full moon with Asiatic Wildcat on the dash.