Featured photo for Lory State Park, CO

Lory State Park, CO

The weather had been so bright and temperate lately that we didn’t interpret the “chance of snow” warnings as “blizzard.” We also weren’t expecting slick and dense layers of snow and ice on the trails at Lory State Park. No matter; Lisa came up from Colorado Springs for the weekend, so the least I could do was come out to hang out with her, Tori, and Tori’s dog Sadiq.

Shortly after arriving at Lory, we had a happy chance encounter with my friend Kimberley—who proved that we weren’t the only ones peculiar enough to be out here while frozen white specks were blowing horizontally. We ended up exploring a flat trail that allowed us to stay on our feet instead of slipping and tumbling onto our backsides as Sadiq excitedly ran circles around us, frequently entangling our legs with his leash.

After two miles and an hour and a half, we swung open the car doors and drove Sadiq home. Then we ordered some spicy tacos and burritos at Matador’s. In hindsight, it would have been pleasant enough to just come out to a Mexican restaurant with my two friends, but then I’d have missed the splendid snow-covered views. And the canine who thought running around in a blizzard was even more fun than doggie day care.

Hike Data

Garmin data (started tracking about 1/4 mile too late)

Lisa, Tori, and Sadiq on an icy trail at Lory State Park.  We turned around after deciding it was too icy to go up to Arthur's Rock.
Instead we headed south on flatter land.
This trail was a little muddy, but at least no ice.
Sadiq and Tori at an overlook.
Snow flurries started to blow at us.
"What a cute..." Lisa started to say about Tori's dog Sadiq before noticing the drool.