My two funny kitties, Oreo and Tiger. Here they are doing a Shakespearean reenactment of "Romeo & Juliet."

Oreo and Tiger

It may come as a surprise to some readers, but I actually haven’t been living alone for the last couple years. I actually have two roommates. They sleep a lot and when they are not napping, they can be a bit naughty. One is particularly curious and mischievous, while the other is rather talented on the piano and the computer.

Introducing Oreo and Tiger. They are cats.

I didn’t write anything before about them since I always figured they would have their own webpage, but because of their tendency to snooze, it took them a while to get one up! But now you can read all about them at this page that Tiger just put up: below.  (Note: in April 2019, I rolled their website into my own.  It turns out that cats are not good at maintaining their own website.)

About Oreo and Tiger

Oreo and Tiger are two rambunctious American shorthairs living in the paradisiacal town of Fort Collins, Colorado. Despite their harmless looks, they have completely taken over my home and enslaved me as their tenant. The creation and maintenance of their website is just one thing I do to appease them so they don”t chase me out onto the streets and force me to live out of a garbage can.

They first came marching through on January 10, 2010, taking a respite from friend who was undergoing major life changes. To be honest, I never imagined myself being a cat man (and being a runner, definitely thought of myself more of a dog person). But the cats could sense the vulnerability and naïveté of a thirty-something bachelor living alone in a 2,500 square-foot home, and raucously laughed behind my back when I was assured that this arrangement would be for a “temporary” four months.

The four months turned into eleven and by then I already knew I was doomed to eternal kitty indenturement. This included not only feeding them 3-4 times per day and scooping out perfectly clumped pieces of litter from their Booda Clean Step igloo, but being their mattress and perpetual source of free hugs. On occasion, they coerce me to accompany their off-key renditions of the “talentless” Rap Cat meow meow song or be the cameraman for their next Big Film, lest they knead me in the stomach, grab my leg and swat me on the cheek.

Here is some of their history. They were born around the end of June 2008; we celebrate their birthday around June 30th a few days after my own just so they can steal my presents. They come from a mother who was so fertile that she gave birth to (and successfully raised) seven very healthy kittens while she was just a baby herself.

Tiger and Oreo (first and third kitty) nursing off their mom in July 2008.
Tiger and Oreo (first and third kitty) nursing off their mom in July 2008.

As you can see below, even as a baby, Oreo was a naughty one!

Oreo resting on a human's arm.

Tiger tends be the more intellectual, while Oreo is particularly curious and loves to cause mischief. They are both very outgoing and friendly.

Tiger is adept at working anything with keys, and hence was the one who started this website.

Tiger doing some calculations.
Tiger doing some calculations.

Unfortunately, being as smart as she is, she realized that she could simply have me finish it up while she sleeps. Outsourcing to the lowly human = less valuable feline effort, you see.

Tiger sleeping on the job.
Tiger sleeping on the job.

And hence I continue hacking away in front of a 19″ LED screen. Sure beats doing so out of a garbage can, though.