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Canvas and Coffee

The last painting classes I did went well enough that I happily agreed to attend another when Katia invited me even though this one did not involve any alcohol. Instead, this one was paired with coffee, not wine.

I would say that having caffeine instead of resveratrol-rich “Jesus juice” must have been perfectly fine, though, considering that our paintings actually came out quite well. Perhaps not worthy of Rembrandt, but good enough to hang in a prominent place on the wall.

In fact, my version of our matching artwork now resides where a broken carbon-fiber Spinergy wheel once hung. At least it is clear that this painting—as opposed to the Stealth-fighteresque piece of bicycle equipment—is supposed to be art, yes?

Don’t ask me when my next painting class will be though, and if that one will involve, say, milk.

Getting closer to completion.
Putting on the finishing touches.
I think our paintings came out pretty well!
Starting the backgrounds of our paintings.