Featured photo for Suzhou, China

Suzhou, China

“The most beautiful women in China live in Suzhou,” explained our tour guide, “due to the humid air.”

That is what I heard 12 years ago, but once again these beautiful Chinese females remained elusive. But at least the natural surroundings lived up to the hype, including the Couple’s Retreat Garden and the “Venice-like” water village surrounding Shan Tang Street.

After dinner we also walked over bridges by a harbor with the yellow city lights of Suzhou illuminating the backdrop, and my dad mentioned what a nice city this was since it was so much less crazy than Shanghai (being a mid-sized city) and the cost of living was supposedly pretty reasonable. I couldn’t help but think that this particular area would be a romantic place to go for a promenade with one of the fabled female beauties, but looking around I once again noticed no one. Perhaps it was too dark…

Activities We Did in Suzhou

  1. Visit the Couple’s Retreat Garden
  2. Walk though Shan Tang Street, a Chinese-style Venice-like water village.
  3. Walk by Suzhou’s Bird’s Nest
  4. Walk along the harbor of Suzhou by what I think was Tai Lake.
  5. Got a tour of a silk factory. Comparing my Suzhou photos from 12 years ago to my recent ones, I believe we went to the same silk factory as back then.
Windows on a wall at the Couple's Retreat Garden.
Classic Chinese fence carvings.
Natural stone formations.
My mom at the Couple's Retreat Garden.
Bridge at the Couple's Retreat Garden.
Chinese man rowing our boat in the canal.
Shan Tang Street is a Venice-like water village, but Chinese style, in Suzhou.
Suzhou in the distance.
Felix Wong by Suzhou's Bird's Nest.
Flowers by the water.
Pagoda structure in the harbor.
Suzhou at night.
The Couple's Retreat Garden is a UNESCO heritage site.