Featured photo for Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh, PA

“Pittsburgh,” I was telling some friends, “is one of the most underrated cities.”

Indeed, Pittsburgh was one of my favorite large cities in the U.S., a place I had been to almost a half-dozen times but have not returned to in 12 or 13 years. That was almost a different era: not having a digital camera (and maybe not a cell phone) back then, I don’t have too many photos from that time, and what I do have are all in low resolution. My friends who had lived there back then have long dispersed to other parts of the world, and there hadn’t been good reason to go back. Until now.

My former rock climbing buddy Kristina lives there now—having moved there seven or so years ago to become a professor at Carnegie Mellon University—and she invited me to her and Juergen’s wedding. Happily, our friend Sarah—who still lives in the Bay Area—was coming over for it too, so I got to visit with her as well.

These are the places or events I got to go to during my four days there:

  1. Mount Washington
  2. Oakland
  3. Squirrel Hill
  4. Schenley Park
  5. Cocktail party hosted by Kristina’s neighbor Angeles
  6. The Strip
  7. Hula Hula Hustle 5k
  8. Primanti Bros.
  9. Andy Warhol Museum
  10. Phipps Conservatory (for Kristina & Juergen’s wedding)
  11. Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix (occurring right outside the Phipps Conservatory)
  12. Monongahela Incline
  13. Grandview Ave. to view Pittsburgh at night
  14. World’s largest living greenwall at One PNC Plaza
  15. Point State Park
  16. Mr. Roger’s Memorial
  17. St. Anthony’s Chapel (contains the second most relics in the world after the Vatican)
  18. Microsoft Store (kiosk) at the Ross Park Mall

Traffic notwithstanding (which is kind of a disaster there now), it was a great trip, one that confirmed the City of 446 Bridges’ place as one of my favorite cities in the world.

The Oakland district of Pittsburgh.
Interesting combination of cuisine: Chinese and Cuban in the Oakland district of Pittsburgh.
Long line for sandwiches at Primanti Brothers.
Making 'Burgh-famous sandwiches at Primanti Bros.
A Primanti Bros. "Pitts-burger" sandwich.
Markets at the Strip in Pittsburgh.
Inside the Andy Warhol Museum: "I don't think less is more. More is better."
A superposition of Marilyn Monroe and Andy Warhol inside the Warhol Museum.
The orchestra at Kristina and Juergen's wedding inside the Phipps Conservatory.
Kristina and Juergen getting married inside the Phipps Conservatory.
Kristina's neighbor Kevin showed me his Triumph Bonneville from the 1970s.
Kristina's neighbor Kevin showed me his Willys Jeep from the late 1940s. He bought it for under $2,000 but has put in more than $20,000 into it since.
Kristina getting read to hit the pi̱ata to find out the gender of her upcoming baby.
Kristina and Juergen will be having a girl!
Havoc and Chaos in Kristina and Juergen's back yard.
Kristina and Sarah with Havoc and Chaos.
Felix, Kristina, Juergen and Sarah.
The Monongahela Incline.
On my last night in Pittsburgh, I rode the Monongahela Incline up to Grandview Avenue.
Bridges in downtown Pittsburgh.
Grandview Ave. on the left and the Fort Pitt Bridge on the right.
The Fort Pitt Bridge at night.
Downtown Pittsburgh as viewed from Grandview Avenue.
Inside the 24 Hour Chapel on Grandview Avenue.
Looking at Pittsburgh from Grandview Avenue.
A cruiser bike in front of the 24 Hour Chapel.
A square in downtown Pittsburgh.
View from the PNC buildings.
The world's largest living greenwall at One PNC Plaza.
The promenade around Point State Park.
Geese in front of Heinz Field.
I rented a bike to bike through downtown Pittsburgh, Point State Park, and over to North Side to visit Mr. Rogers.
The Mr. Rogers Memorial (lower left) in front of Heinz Field and the Carnegie Science Museum.
The University of Pittsburgh's Cathedral of Learning---the second tallest academic building in the world.
St. Anthony's Chapel in Pittsburgh, while not a large church, has the second most relics in the world after the Vatican.
The view of downtown Pittsburgh from Emerald View Park.