Holiday Photos

These are just some photos from the holidays. It was a quick trip that included the following:

  • Driving for 2.8 hours to get from the San Francisco Airport to Stockton. I certainly do not miss Bay Area traffic.
  • Stopping at the new home of my friends Bandy and Sarah and meeting their new son Devin.
  • Helping my folks with five technology issues and celebrating the holidays with the whole family.
  • Visiting my friend Stacey and building a bed for her. She was experiencing some cold symptoms and because she is a double-lung transplant recipient, the doctors asked her to come in. So I took her to the Stanford Emergency Room where some tests were performed.
  • The doctors kept her under observation overnight so I stayed there until I had to catch a flight back to Colorado in the morning. Meanwhile, I kind of got a kick out of eating cafeteria food and sleeping on the Stanford campus over 17 years since graduating from there.

Ultimately Stacey was ok, which was a relief. Here’s hoping her health holds up in the new year.

The Gardens at Spring Creek, as seen during the Fort Collins Running Club's Holiday Lights Run. (December 16, 2014)Running during the Fort Collins Running Club's Holiday Lights Run. (December 16, 2014)Felix Wong with Bandy's new kid. (December 24, 2014)My nephews during a Christmas Day dinner. (December 25, 2014)assembled bedframe with sideboardStacey Li Collver, new bedopening can without a can openercafeteria food with green and red bell peppers, kidney beans, eggs, riceEva, Stacey Li Collver, emergency roomFelix Wong, emergency roomStanford Medical Center

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