mixing protein powder in a jar

How to Mix Protein Powder and Other Powdered Drinks

On two separate occasions in May, friends were lamenting how a certain powdered substance “does not dissolve very well.” The first involved protein powder and another involved cocoa.

For both instances, I had two words of advice for them—or rather, two names. Bond. James Bond.. You know, shaken, not stirred.

How? I like to use a jar to mix my protein powder into milk, for example. Here’s a video that shows what I mean:


I started doing this a couple years ago due to frustration with trying to mix protein powder with a glass and a spoon. The powder would not dissolve and leave nasty clumps on the inside of the glass and on the spoon, which in turn became like cement and hard to clean.

It turns out the James Bond knew what was the most effective way to mix drinks and was not just trying to be cool.

mixing protein powder in a jar
Mixing protein powder in a jar.