Featured photo for Festival of Nations

Festival of Nations

One aspect of St. Louis that is readily apparent about St. Louis is how multi-cultural it is. This was underscored by its annual Festival of Nations at Tower Grove Park.

We went over there one weekend to check out the booths and, of course, try some of the different ethnic foods. We started out with some Bhutanese samosas before moving on to Spanish omelets and paellas. We also tried some crab rangoons at the Filipino booth before declaring that our stomachs were filled to capacity.

Nations off the top of my head that were represented included Bhutan, Nepal, Bangladesh, India, China, Thailand, Japan, Mexico, Jamaica, Cuba, Ecuador, Columbia, Spain, Scotland, Poland, Russia, Democratic Republic of Congo, South Africa. There were dozens more I do not remember. I do remember noticing a dearth of Central American countries like Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, El Salvador, and Panama.

Still, it was great to see all the different crafts, foods, and performance arts, including belly dancing!

Spanish omelet
Mi Hungry Jamaican booth at the Festival of Nations.
noodles at Japanese booth at Festival of Nations
fried crab rangoons, chicken and vegetable rolls
1873 Chinese Pavilion at Tower Grove Park
belly dancers at the Festival of Nations
Maureen trying on a funny hat
Chinese Pavilion at Tower Grove Park
woman wearing pink dress, Caribbean band, Tower Grove Park, Festival of Nations