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Northern California Visit

During the holidays I got to spend almost a week with family and a few old friends. I spent virtually the entire time in Stockton where my parents live, but also got to spend half a day in the Bay Area.

Here are a few things I got to do:

  1. Visit with parents, brothers, sisters-in-law, and nephews, including my new nephew Matteo.
  2. Help my mom and dad with about 30 issues on their list, mostly dealing with computers and electronics.
  3. Run, including setting a couple of Strava course records in my old neighborhood.
  4. Visit with Bandy, my bud from high school, in Stockton. While enjoying frozen yogurt outside, we encountered our high school friend Tongly. Neither Bandy or I live in Stockton anymore, but Tongly does and he was getting his cell phone serviced next door when we ran into him.
  5. See my brother and sister-in-law’s new home. They live in a nice place in Danville now.
  6. Visit with my friend Stacey who is a double lung transplant recipient. She received her transplant in 2004. Her ability to breathe has been diminishing each year but she is on the list for a second transplant, so there is hope.

While Stacey and I were visiting, her mom Laura made us a delicious lunch of orzo salad, pizza, and fruit and yogurt. Also, Stacey made me do pull-ups as shown in the following video. She has unique ways of getting me to exercise (e.g., doing 2013 pull-ups on New Year’s Day in 2013).


Stacey said it was the record number of pull-ups for her apartment, but it is quite a ways off from my personal record shown in the video below.


Unfortunately I did not have time to visit any other friends in the Bay Area I would have loved to have seen, but it was a good trip nevertheless.

family Christmas dinner
Frosty the Snowman light at my parents' house.
Tongly Loth, Bandy Nuon, Felix Wong
blue Raleigh mountain bike, SUVs love Terrorist Oil bumper sticker
turquoise Bay Area Bike Share bicycles in Redwood City
Stacey Collver, Laura Fairchild, lunch
Felix Wong, Stacey Collver
telephone booth, floor underneath, Denver International Airport