Featured photo for Oviedo, Spain

Oviedo, Spain

“What’s in Oviedo?” Vicky asked Juan Carlos in Woody Allen’s Spain-inspired movie, Vicky Cristina Barcelona.

“I go to see a sculpture that is very inspiring to me, very beautiful sculpture. You’ll love it.”


I take it that Javier Bardem’s character was not referring to neither the statue of Woody Allen nor Mufalda, an Argentine comic book character. Nevertheless, I stopped by and took selfies with both.

Felix Wong with the statue of Mafalda (an Argentine comic character) in the park Campo de San Francisco.

I also stopped by the Hotel de las Reconquistas, which was the 5-star establishment that Juan Antonio took Vicky and Cristina during their weekend in Oviedo. But as I was not having a dalliance with two gorgeous young Americans, I stayed at a decidedly more humble hotel: the three-star Hotel Favila only two blocks away.

This hotel, despite costing only 28 euros for a room for the night, was comfortable and chic in a typical small-but-modern-and-charming European kind of way. Moreover, there was a restaurant downstairs with no written menu per se, but did have menú del día options that you went over with the waiter. (Good thing I speak Spanish.)

This dinner—as I chronicled in my Food in Spain post—was not only tasty and inexpensive, but abundant in alcohol. By the night’s end I was a tad tipsy.

Unlike for Vicky, Cristina and Javier, there would be no dalliances tonight for me. I had to wake up early in the morning to continue on the Camino Primitivo. One day I hope to return to this charming city without the obligation of having to walk two or three dozen miles each day.

The Cathedral of San Salvador (Oviedo Cathedral).
Blue Oviedo sign at Plaza Carbayón in central Oviedo.
"The Thinker" (La Pensadora) sculpture, located near a theater in central Oviedo.
Felix Wong with the Woody Allen statue in Oviedo.
Arched walkway through the Campo de San Franciso in central Oviedo.
The inside of Eurostars Hotel de la Reconquista, which was the hotel featured in the movie Vicky Cristina Barcelona.
The outside of Eurostars Hotel de la Reconquista.
Nighttime shot of early morning traffic as I walked away from Oviedo to continue my journey on the Camino de Santiago.