Featured photo for Adventures with Flat Stanley in Fort Collins

Adventures with Flat Stanley in Fort Collins

The other week I received an envelope addressed from one of my nephews. Inside was a letter that read the following.

In school we read a book about a boy who got flattened by a bulletin board. His name is Flat Stanley. He wanted to go on a trip, so his family folded him up and mailed him to California.

I am mailing MY Flat Stanley to YOU! Please take him around with you and write me back telling me the places he visited. I will share Flat Stanley’s adventures with my class when you send him back.

Of course, I was happy to take Flat Stanley on various adventures. I kept forgetting to bring him at first, but made it up during the last few days of the week before mailing him back to my nephew’s class.

Below are some of the activities that we did together. Click on the photos to view their captions.

Erin having a cup of tea with Flat Stanley inside the Bean Cycle.
Matthew talking with Flat Stanley during French Conversation.
Flat Stanley at Cohere, a co-working office I go to once a week.
Flat Stanley during a bicycle ride, with the Front Range of Colorado in the background.
Flat Stanley listening to live music inside The Artery.
Tracy, Flat Stanley, and Raquel with a peacock dress inside The Artery.
Anna with Flat Stanley during a dance party.
Flat Stanley with Carl during the Lee Martinez Park 10k Tortoise & Hare race, which was 1 degree Fahrenheit at the start.
Flat Stanley behind the wheel on snow-covered roads in Fort Collins.
Emily climbing with Flat Stanley inside the new Whetstone climbing gym.
Felix bouldering with Flat Stanley inside the new Whetstone climbing gym.